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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saskatoon Farmers Market

I rarely get to the Farmer's Market here in Saskatoon. I have a bad memory: I show up late; I show up not-at-all. But this morning while chilling in bed with a book, my boyfriend started texting me about a funny looking cucumber he took a picture of at the Estevan Farmers Market. And then my brain did something funny. It did two things: 1) It remembered that I ran out of garden cucumbers. 2) It's goddamn Saturday morning. Farmers Market. NOW.

And then I bought everything.

Somehow, I finally got my ultimate wish of buying everything I'd need for the week at the Farmers Market. It felts great supporting local business, and I know the veggies are going to be yummy. Plus, everything is prettier when it's local.

These apples were labelled "Mystery Apples" so I bought them. I know. I'm a thrill-seeker.

This gigantic container of Wild Blueberries were calling to me. They're small and flavourful (unlike grocery store ones that are fat and expensive for such a tiny amount). Having recently fallen in love with whipped cream and fruit, I bit the bullet and spent the money. Well worth it.

Over the last couple of weeks, gardeners here have been forcing cucumbers on everyone they know. My mom brought me some from North Battleford. Here is a picture of this week's Farmers Market batch keeping my favourite Frankenweenie Cucumber company.

Overall, the damage to my wallet wasn't so bad. The apples, green beans and cucumbers were paid with money from my bottle/can recycling, and the rest of my groceries were paid with a twenty. The splurge I got was the blueberries, which I will be freezing for the winter months.


2 dozen brown eggs: $7.00
6 cobs of corn: $3.00
Bag of Green Beans: $3.00
Bag of Cucumbers: $2.00
Bag of Carrots: $2.00
Mystery Apples: $2.75
Grape Tomatoes: $1.55
Bag of Beets: $2.75

Total: $24.05

Container of Wild Blueberries: $15.00

Let's see what I can cook up this week with my groceries.

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  1. Nice. I love the foods from the farmers market so much more... The Regina one is right downtown on Wednesday noon hours and Saturday mornings, so I like to mosey over at noon sometimes. I really should buy more things there... (but it also helps sharing a plot at the community garden with Andre's parents!!)