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Friday, September 7, 2012

Concerning Paper

I like today. It's been a pretty simple day, where I haven't turned on any music for background noise. A quiet, contemplative day of reading books and waiting to see if the mailman was going to bring me anything. He didn't, but at least I got a postcard from the Netherlands yesterday. I can't be too mad.

As a snail-mail nut, I really enjoy using Postcrossing to send and receive postcards. I've got a tidy little collection going on, and I needed a way to display them instead of making another pile of papers on my desk or bookshelf. I even put it on my "To-Do in 2012" list so that I would force myself to come up with an idea. This is what I came up with:

To-Do in 2012, #9:  Find a place to display and store my received postcards

On a day where life seems to be about all the little pleasures, I have a few small things that make me happy.
I'm a bookworm, through and through. Going to school for the umpteenth year didn't really allow me much leisurely reading time. After deciding to take a year off for brain-recreation reasons, I fell in love with the local library again. Goodreads helps me keep track of all the books I think would be a neat read, and even the tiny branch near my house had 3 of the ones on my list: Eat, Pray, Love; The Disappearing Spoon; and Hatchet (an old favourite from Elementary school. Feeling a bit nostalgic).

First up is Eat, Pray, Love. So far, it just really makes me want to read Under the Tuscan Sun again, makes me feel like a very balanced person, and compounds my desire to learn Italian.

A new kind of amore has been discovered with my rekindled love of books and libraries. I love bookmarks. Doubly so when the bookmark matches the book's subject. My 1000 Cranes bookmark seems to match the mood of Eat, Pray, Love.

It was only towards the end of reading The Hunger Games (I didn't jump on the bandwagon, more like fell on the bandwagon when my friend gifted me the book) when I noticed that my bookmark oddly fit the book. This is my best standing ever from grade school Track and Field. I would have died in the first 10 minutes of any Hunger Games.

Now that I've realised that I adore bookmarks that match context, I may need to go buy/make/trade more bookmarks. Help me. Please. I love matching. I'll let my teapot make the closing argument in this case:


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  1. I love your way of displaying postcards... how is that hung on the wall, since I'm pretty sure that display my postcards is also on my list of things to do! Also, do you use reddit? (I'm assuming yes) because you can do exchanges on http://www.reddit.com/r/craftexchange for anything that you want to exchange/make for exchange, etc! Also, redditgifts.com just posted 6 new exchanges, including postcard exchange! Join in, I did!