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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boyfriend Soup

Trying to go on a diet makes you learn a lot about yourself. Such as: how much you whine when you're hungry; how unfulfilling some foods can be; how much I craved simple things like tomatoes. So I quit. I was unhappy, I needed food, and I quit the exclusion diet. And the first thing I did after quitting was ask my boyfriend what he wanted for supper.

"I'll make anything for you. Just tell me what you're craving and I'll make it," and I was ready for some crazy request since this guy is as food-crazy as I am. And he blind-sided me.

With vegetable soup.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 1: I want tomatoes and sugar.

Yesterday was really frustrating. As a celiac, I'm used to going to the grocery store and not going through most of the sections because I can't eat it. I can have all of the produce, any juice, canned veggies/fruit, and I know a good section of potato/corn chips I can have. There's even a small gluten free section I can pick from if I felt like it. But that's all changed with starting up the Elimination Diet.

The Elimination Diet:
A special diet used by doctors to discover whether certain foods are making someone ill. It involves not eating foods that might be causing the problem until later, when you add individual items back into your diet.

My mom has done this, my friend Tim has done this. And I'm still consistently getting sick, even when on a strict gluten free diet. So this leads me to believe that I'm allergic to something on top of gluten. After getting the sheet of safe and eliminated foods, I delayed. Thanksgiving: delay. Christmas: delay. New Years Eve: delay. Recover from New Years Eve food poisoning: delay. And now I have to do this.