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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To Do in 2012

Happy 2012, everybody! It's nearly been a year since I last posted, and really I have nothing to blame but laziness. Laziness is a big thing in my life, but my friend Kim Schmidt (@sneakyfox on twitter) has come up with a way to get things done throughout the year that appeals to my OCD: a list.

{Just a quick aside, if you haven't been reading Kim's blog, you should head over and check it out:


She's very crafty, so expect some amazing tutorials and craft posts. Her writing is as enthusiastic as she is in real life (just check out all the exclamation marks). Head over to her site, look at her photography, and look up the last several To Do in 20XX lists she's done. }

If you're one of those people who adore making lists and have immense satisfaction in crossing out items, you might want to try this! It's simple: categorize your life (work, school, hobbies, interests, things you've always wanted to do), write anything that comes to mind (don't limit yourself by what you think you can't do!), and you'll be surprised how many items you end up with. Some items might be easy and some might be difficult; you may only be able to complete some items at the far end of the year. That's how this list works: give yourself something to reach for during the entire year.

So here's my list of Things to do in 2012. I'll be updating this post throughout the year with things that I finish!

To Do in 2012 

  1. Outline more things for the SESS Charity Director to do for next year COMPLETED MARCH 21
  1. Study for classes I have and should be taking
Down Time
  1. Partake in Reddit Secret Santa COMPLETED: COOKBOOK, ARBITRARY DAY
  1. Finish Bastion on Steam
  1. Finish my neglected PS1/PS2 games (REMAINING: 9ish)
  1. Finish current batch of Xbox 360 games (REMAINING 12ish)
  1. Read all of the books in my “to-read” pile (REMAINING: n/a; TOTAL BOOKS READ [2012]: 22)
  1. Make postcards out of my father's amazing photography ORDERED JUNE 5, ARRIVED JUNE 17
  1. Find a place to display and store my received postcards COMPLETED MARCH 11
  1. Send 3 postcards a month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  1. Complete my newest puzzle COMPLETED FEBRUARY 29
    11.1 Complete the Unicorn Puzzle that I could never get COMPLETED AUGUST 27
  1. Buy Lace a larger tank and get him to the next size of frozen mouse
  1. Get a Wildlife Fed membership for archery
  1. Take at least 5 photos/month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  1. Patricipate in Kim's food photo shoot party COMPLETED FEBRUARY 13
  1. Make a softbox or light tent
  1. Figure out food photography and composition
  1. Update food blog at least every second weekend
  1. Finalise blog design and begin posting COMPLETED MARCH 1
  1. Document Greg's goal of completing one recipe per week from his cookbook 
  1. Make breakfast for 7 days in a row and blog my recipes and results
  1. Make a recipe I find online twice a month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  1. Make gluten free gnocchi with Greg  COMPLETED JANUARY 22
  1. Make more gluten free mixes to store in the freezer
  1. Organize my gluten free pantry
  1. Make a gluten free cookbook for my favourite recipes
  1. Finish Greg's cookbook.
  1. Finish Mom's socks COMPLETED FEBRUARY 22
  1. Finish Greg's socks
  1. Make a quilt
  1. Complete the last 2 Hylian Shields
  1. Use up all of the yarn in my basket before buying more
  1. Participate in a Reddit Craft Exchange COMPLETED MARCH 1
  1. Participate in the Desert Bus for Hope 2012 Craft-Along
  1. Knit a sweater
  1. Knit myself a pair of socks COMPLETED AUGUST 6
  1. Knit myself a toque COMPLETED JANUARY 17
  1. Knit myself a pair of mittens
  1. Chalkboard paint for board in my room COMPLETED MARCH 8
  1. Finish all of the sewing stored in my craft tower
  1. Sew a fancy apron
  1. Fix my grandmother's old aprons
  1. Paint over canvas I had previously primed (based on Leaf by Niggle)
  1. Have a booth in a craft fair NOT LIKELY TO HAPPEN
  1. Refurbish free table I found
  1. Refurbish heirloom china cabinet (STAINED; WAITING TO POLYURETHANE)
  1. Do an embroidery project COMPLETED AUGUST 5
  1. Bike as often as possible (STARTED BIKING TO WORK JULY 29)
  1. Try winter biking next winter
  1. Drink only water for 1 week
  1. Complete the Run 5k Program COMPLETED JUNE 20
  1. Complete the Run 10k Program
  1. Complete current level in 100 Pushup Program
  1. Complete current level in 200 Situp Program
  1. Run in the Zoo Run 5k (April 22) COMPLETED APRIL 22
  1. Run in the Fin Island Trail Run 5k or 10k (August) DIDN'T PARTICIPATE
    58.1 Run in the Race Against Racism 5k (September) REGISTERED
  1. Go to the gym 3 days a week for 2 months straight
  1. Buy a Garmin running watch from savings COMPLETED APRIL 13
  1. Do my own taxes this year COMPLETED APRIL 16
  1. Make a list of “things I need” and buy when financially appropriate
  1. Get a part time job COMPLETED FEBRUARY 29
  1. When I have an income, place 10% of every paycheck in savings COMPLETED, ONGOING GOAL 
  1. Reopen my savings account COMPLETED FEBRUARY 21
  1. Plant a herb box this spring  COMPLETED JUNE 21 (ROSEMARY, CHAMOMILE, BASIL)
  1. Begin composting BOUGHT COMPOST BIN MAY 18, SET UP -- JUNE 1
  1. Plant rows of food (carrots, lettuce, beans, peas)
  1. Spend a bit of each evening weeding and watering ONGOING GOAL
  1. Roadtrip to BC in August with Greg  WAITING FOR NEXT YEAR
  1. Roadtrip to Yellowstone Park with Greg WAITING FOR NEXT YEAR.
  1. Visit any National Park or National Historic site 3 times (VISITS: 1)
  1. Get my passport
  1. Don't miss a single day on the roommate cleaning schedule CLEANING SCHEDULE OBSOLETE
    74.1 Do rotations of cleaning every 2 weeks
  1. Keep room tidy for a whole month COMPLETED FEB, CONTINUALLY TIDY NOW
  1. Reduce amount of possessions (clothing, books, knicknacks)
  1. Place pictures on the wall or get rid of them

1 comment:

  1. I love it and I'm so happy I inspired you!!! We'll have fun crossing things off our lists. I always have a little happy dance when I do. ALSO, print this list and put it up on the wall in front of your computer to help remind you to do things!!! :D